Standardization Strategies

LaserSmith can reduce your labor costs, toner costs, service costs, and energy costs with just one strategy -- Printer Standardization. With our years of experience in the document management business we have gleaned what works and what does not work for different customers. Standardizing on one or a few models of printers can yield immediate savings that allow your company more freedom to concentrate on running your business.

We would be happy to talk with you about a custom plan to acheive this goal as well as tell you how we have done this with other companies in Cincinnati.




Support & FAQ

Posted on 04. Dec, 2008 by admin

QUESTION: I have a business with multiple locations and multiple printer types. We have an office assistant that spends 10 hours a week dealing with printer issues such as ordering ink and paper, user issues, repair requests and deployment of new equipment could your system alleviate some of this overhead. In addition, our employees still complain about downtime from time to time. I am sure we are losing productivity and I think our administrator would probably like to move on to a more challenging job. Please help. Mr. S HuckleSupport/FAQ

ANSWER: Your business would probably benefit most from standardization around a solid printer model such as the HP 4000. Cost per page is low and they are very durable machines. Instead of keeping a printer cartidge for each one of your machines, you could simple carry 2 of the C4127X's in stock. We would be happy to give you a quote. Discounts are available for bulk ordering. P. Murphy

Question One
Posted on 04. Dec, 2009 by admin

QUESTION: Hello, I have read about MPS and I am interested in setting this up at our distribution facility.

I would like to get to the point where we pay for printing services like we pay for any other utility such as electricity and water. This would simplify the budgeting we do every year. Printing always seems to fluctuate from year to year and we would like a more predictible number.

Question Two
Posted on 06. Dec, 2009 by admin

ANSWER: If you have a large fleet of network printers, this is a very desirable solution to the problems you described.

Installing a MPS system such as PaperCut along with a service agreement will acheive the results you want. We are currently working on a ROI calculator that will allow you to figue out your savings as well as monthly charges. Please call to schedule an appointment to discuss the many options that are available to you.

Question Three
Posted on 011. July, 2009 by admin

QUESTION: Hi, I have a small business. Initially I thought that inkjet printers were the way to go to keep my overhead low while I grow my business. Now I'm finding that I am spending 200/month!!! After doing some rough number crunching, I have found that I am spending 8 cents a page. When I try to buy in bulk, I find that about 10% of the inks in stock are either dried out or become obsolete because we have trashed the printer. I am sure my cost per page is probably twice the 8 cents figure when you figure in these additonal expenses..

ANSWER: Sounds like you have uncovered big hidden expense to doing business. Installing a durable printer like the HP 4000/4100 will reduce your cost per page. The toner has a shelf life of three years. We have an endless supply of these printers so you can replace existing printers with the same models. This will free up time and resources, which are so critical to small business owners.